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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blogger - Upload your files to Google Pages

Yeahh..This is another great tips for users out there. Google Pages or Google Page Creator has provides a free service for you to upload your stuff. Currently I've uploaded the Windows Vista wallpapers into my Google Pages account. Besides, you may use it to upload your blog's favicon as well.

To use this service, simply login to Google Pages using your Gmail account. Go to the right sidebar and you will see the Uploaded Stuff menu. Click on upload > browse your file > open. That's all. As simple as that.

Google Pages provides 100MB space. From what I've read, you can only upload 9MB to 10MB file/upload. Means that, if you want to upload a 100MB file, you have to split it into 10 or 11 files.

The only problem with this service is, Google Pages has a limited bandwidth. Hmm..maybe someday we hope that Google can make this free service has an unlimited bandwidth. Hehe..

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