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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Split and join your files with HJ-Split

Currently, I'm using HJ-Split to split my files. Simple, easy and supports many platforms. It's a freeware file-splitting programs created by

HJ-Split Screenshot(s):

You can download it at


Some of you guys has looking the tutorial on how to use HJ-Split in Google. Ok, I'll show how simple it is to use this software.

How to split a file using HJ-Split?

Let say you have downloaded a movie file from your office that have 800MB in size. Ok, we call it Newmovie.avi. You want to bring it home and you have 2 CD-Rs with you. Now, follow these steps:-

Step 1

Run HJ-Split and click the Split button, and you'll see a red-white popup window. Then, click the Input file button and locate the Newmovie.avi file that we want to split. Set file size to 500 Mbytes.

Step 2

Finally, click the Start button. Wait until the process finished. DONE.

By now you should have two split files that called Newmovie.avi.001 and Newmovie.avi.002. Newmovie.avi.001 will have 500MB in size and Newmovie.avi.002 will have 300MB in size. Now you can burn it into your CD-R.

Then, how to join a file using HJ-Split?

Ok, you already at home right now and have 2 CD-Rs consist Newmovie.avi.001 and Newmovie.avi.002 file. Copy them to your Desktop or any folder. Make sure you copy and paste them in the same folder or location. Follow these steps to join your files:-

Step 1

Run your HJ-Split, click the Join button and you'll see the purple-white popup window. Click Input file button and locate the Newmovie.avi.001 file.

Step 2

Click the Start button and wait until finished. DONE.

The joined file will be located in the same location you place the Newmovie.avi.001 file. Right now you should be able to watch your favorite movie at your own computer.

Note: HJ-split is also useful if you want to upload a large file to Google Pages, since it only can handle 10MB/upload file.

Hope this is useful for you guys!!!


Muneeb Saeed said...

I'll soon post a program on my blog which can pause a file while copying/moving...
will be up soooooon

dX-Xel said...

yeahh..I'll be waiting for that..

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