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Friday, August 3, 2007

Pixelmoon - Moon life fantasy

Hi guys, I just found this cool stuff. It's cool for me because this Pixelmoon page contains a lot of great images. The idea is simple. The webmaster ask you to design some simple .gif and .png image with a space theme and he will add them to that page.

If you are a designer like me, probably love this one. By the way, if you want to contribute some image to this website, make sure your artwork is original. Besides, you can view your country's flag on the top of the page once your project has been accepted.

Other than that, you also can make the animated gif image as you can see at that web page. I'm not pretty sure what software did they used to create those image. I think some of them use Macromedia Flash to create the animation.

Maybe I'll send something to that website soon. It's really cool. Yeahhh!!

For further info, visit this Pixelmoon website.

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