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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MediaFire - The simplest free file hosting service's true. MediaFire is the simplest free file hosting service I've ever used. It is totally different from Rapidshare, YouSendIt or Megaupload. The most important feature is, there are no time limit for your uploaded files to be stored. Means that, your files will never be deleted and if so, they will notify you via email.

Ok, let's check out the another great features of MediaFire:-

1. 100% Free - don't have to pay for using this service.

2. Unlimited Disk Space - Upload as many files as you want!

3. Up to 100MB per File - Make the uploading process more faster

4. No Sign Up Required - You don't need to register to use their service and still, you can share the files with your friends. But, it is recommended to create your own account so that easy for you to manage your files.

By the way, after having uploaded 1 file, I've tried to register and guess what, it just took me less than 10 seconds to create a new account. Really awesome!

Beside that, you can read their blog to get any updates.

That's all for today! Yeahh!!

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