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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gspace - Turns your Gmail account into free online storage

Yeahh...the title says it all. Gspace is another great Firefox extension. This extension allows you to use your Gmail space for file storage. It acts as an online drive, so you can upload files from your hard drive and access them from every Internet capable system.

I have installed this extension and try to upload some image and it was really cool. It has a simple user friendly interface, make it easy to use. I highly recommend you to create a new Gmail account if you really want to use this extension. can mix the uploaded files with other email messages, but it is much more better if you have a specific account for it.

The best thing about this extension is, you can manage a multiple Gmail account in the same interface and its more looks like..hmm..lets see..a "multiple mini online hard disk". Maybe you'd like to create a new account and just use it for your college/assignment stuff and other is for your personal stuff. And of course, you can download that file anytime, anywhere.

Other than that, I also recommend you to use the portable Firefox. It will store any installed extensions in Firefox with you wherever you go. Pretty handy.

I still never know the maximum file size that can be uploaded. As far as I know, Gmail can handle an upload file up to 20MB per message. Please tell me if you have any experience of using this extension.

  • Do not upload/download many files in a single day. You may get your account blocked for 24 houres. It seems this happens if more that 1GB of data is transferred in a single day.
  • The best thing is to upload files and folders that are NOT critical. Anyway, since file is available as an attachment on an e-mail, they will always be available through the Gmail interface, and they should be as safe as your e-mails.
Feel free to install the Gspace.

That's all for today!!!

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