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Friday, September 14, 2007

elgooG - Display Google results in backwards

Well, I never know why do I need to publish this article. It's just for killing some time anyway. elgooG is a site where you can find Google's homepage in the mirror. You have to type your search terms in reverse and of course, your search results will be displayed backwards.

Check out this image when I tried to search my own blog name, leX-Xd:-

It's awesome isn't it? Please note that the default button is "I'm Feeling Lucky". So, if you want to do a web searching, you have to click the "Google Search" button rather than pressing the ENTER key.

According to All Too Flat, they are just doing this for fun.'s only for fun.

I think that's all for today. Have fun!!

For further information please visit the Google Mirror FAQ.

See also another search results for ggiD, ebutuoY, xoferiF and tfosorciM.

Credits: Google OS

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