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Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogger - Customize the page title

I really don't know either it is useful or not for you guys. But for me, it's quite useful if you have a long blogger page title. As you can see, my homepage page title was look like this:-

and my post page title was like this:-

How do I do it?

Ok, take this simple steps.

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Basic. Make your blogger's title as simple as you can (see below).

After that, go to Template > Edit HTML

Find this code:-


Replace it with this code:-

<title><data:blog.pagetitle> | Blog, Computers, Internet, Technology, Design</data:blog.pagetitle>

Change the words between "|..., Design" and then save your template. Done.

Note: If you want to use the "&" symbol, make sure you type it like this, &amp;

More "& Commands" at HTML Goodies.


Trina said...

Thank you so much for the simple steps to customize my page title. It worked perfectly.

dx-blogger said...'s alright..I'm really happy its working..hehe..

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