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Monday, July 16, 2007

2Advanced Studio - Advance graphics design

Let me ask you something. How really good are you at using Macromedia Flash? Do you really good on animation? scripting or interface design? Well, take a look of 2Advanced Studio website. I knew that there are a lot of great full flash websites out there, but this one, for me, was really cool.

Check out this screenshots:-

So, what do you think? Please tell me if you can beat this me your flash website..maybe I can make a free review for you..:)


Anonymous said...

i dont get what you are trying to do here, done bother starting another 2A thread, just search it yourself. There's so many threads out there so dont bother starting a new one unless you some real point to it. to compare 2A to other sites is a big ask as they are a company, so you can only compare company websites not personal, product or service etc.

dx-blogger said...


Thanks for your comment. Actually my point here is to challenge myself to develop a website like that.

I'm a multimedia student, designing using flash at almost 4 years, but seems that I need to practice more and more (far behind them).

I like the creative animations and the way they organize that website. That's why I asked if they any of you guys was expert using this software.

Maybe I can get some great advice from you or maybe a tips that can guide me to master the flash skill.

thanks again...yeahhh..:)

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