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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stealther - Surf in stealth mode

Yeahhh..that's true. You can surf the web without leaving the trace. This is another great extension for Firefox browser. Once you activated this feature, it will temporarily disable your cookies, browsing history, saved form information and so much more. Take a look at this screenshots:-

I don't have any idea either this trick is working or not if your office using network tracking system such as Web Inspector or whatever. But, it's better than nothing. Right? Ok, feel free to download the Stealther extension.


Syaf The Geek said...

This is great for anyone who's using a public computer or shared computer such as in the office or cyber cafe

dx-blogger said...


Hmm..Syaf, by the way, do you have received my email?

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats pretty cool. (I added your blog to my blog)

dx-blogger said...

Hi Dark Pivot,

Thanks for the link.

I will add you link anyway..

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