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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Megaupload SX 4.3 - Bypass Megaupload country slot limit

Just another great extension for Firefox user. The Megaupload SX 4.3 is an extension that will bypass Megaupload country slot limit without installing their toolbar.

I've installed this extension and it work fine on my Firefox This extension will be placed under your Tools menu bar. To activate it, just select Enabled and you're ready to download a file.

Ok, that's all for day. Feel free to install Megaupload SX 4.3.


Raymond has found a cool website, to generate a free premium link for Megaupload. Enjoy!!!

Credits: Raymond.CC


Lancez said...

i'm using to download from megaupload

Anonymous said...

use you get free account there.
here you can test through mine:

use downloadmanager or speed is not good without

you can even simply rewrite megaupload-urls, put a "X" before and your free download starts, when logged in!

dX-XeL said...

@lancez and anonymous

Thanks for the tips and its working!


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