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Saturday, October 20, 2007

DirectVobSub - Displaying subtitle in Real Media file

Back then, I never think about installing any subtitle tool anyway. It's because of all my downloaded movies was in .avi extension. Just open the movie file using the VLC player, and everything would be fine including the codecs and subtitle file.

Yesterday, I just downloaded the Real Media movie file with .rmvb extension including the subtitle file. As mentioned before, I never used their software (Real Player) since I found Real Alternative.

I tried to open the rmvb file but it failed to load the subtitle. Finally, I install the DirectVobSub and reopen my Real Media file. And, tadaa!! It loads the subtitle file!

I never know whether this tool is working on other file extension such as .rm, .ra or .ram. It should be. But, one thing for sure is that your subtitle files should have the same filename as your video file (for example movie.avi, movie.idx, movie.sub, movie.txt) and should be in the same folder (directory) as your video file. Then the subtitles will automatically be displayed in media players.

I think that's all for today.

Feel free to download DirectVobSub.

Note that this is a new version of DirectVobSub (VSFilter). Use the old version only if you have problems with the newer versions of DirectVobSub, which are also included in the K-Lite (Mega) Codec Pack.


Credits: Final Builds Site

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