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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rapidshare premium link generators that's working

Yeah..I saw a lot of bloggers posted about this stuff. If you search on Google using "free rapidshare premium link generator" keywords, you'll get a tons of results. I think that I've tried more than 20 websites and this number will keep increasing because I used Rapidshare almost everyday to download a files.

I expect you already know about It was a file sharing hosting service that allow you to share your files with other people in this world. With just a simple Google search terms, you'll get a direct download links from other people that shared their movies, games, software etc. And it's free!!! But there are some download limitation for a free Rapidshare user. You have to wait 2 or 3 hours to download another file and it depends on the size of file that you have downloaded before that.

Ok, I think that's all for intro..hehe. Here is the list of websites that currently working to generate the Rapidshare premium link for free. Enjoy!!

1. (Online/working)
  • Download limit: 2 files/day
  • You have to rename the finished downloaded file name, download.php according to your Rapidshare link details.

2. (Offline/not working)
  • Download limit: 5 files/day

3. Very RapidShare (Online/working)
  • Download limit: 3 files/day
  • Download their Promotion code to have 5 additional daily downloads.

Note: I will update this post regularly (add some new website) and inform you whether the links is still works or not.

By the way, if you get:-
  • A file less than 5 kb gets downloaded this means that their rapidshare bandwidth is full for that day.
  • Something like Duplicate entry '#no' for key 1, just keep trying. You'll get the download link at the end.

Rapidshare Tips:-

1) If you're a free member, you can get a free one month Rapidshare premium account by collecting a premium points. You will get a points once there are people downloads your files. 10,000 points = 1 Month of free premium account.

2) If you read in the comment box in other blogs something like "here’s some free rapidshare accounts list and share it with others and don't change the passwords" and they give their Rapidshare link, believe me, most of them are fake. They just want to collect a premium points. Haha..

I think that's all for today and hope no comments as above. Yeahh!!!

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