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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fancy Numbered Tabs - Numbering Firefox tabs

Maybe some of you already know that you can access a Firefox tab easily by pressing the Ctrl + [1-9] on your keyboard.

This feature might be useful if you only open 2 or 3 tabs. But how about 6 to 7 tabs? It's quite difficult to remember each tab position and maybe you'll just ignore this feature end up using your mouse click instead.

Luckily, there is a great Firefox extension that will be able to numbered your tab.

Fancy Numbered Tabs will replaces the close tab graphic with numbers to help with quick tab navigation via Ctrl + [1-9]. No worry, you're still be able to close the tab by clicking the number tab graphic.

This extension was really useful for me as I can switch to a specific tab more faster.

Feel free to install Fancy Numbered Tabs.

By the way, this addon is incompatible with:
  • Any extension that overwrites the close tab button code (ColorfulTabs, Some themes)
  • Any extension that overwrites the Firefox default shortcuts of Ctrl+[1-9] and Alt+[1-9] (SpeedDial)
That's all. Yeahh!!!

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