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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fully transform your Windows XP into a Vista look-alike

Intro..Please watch this video first...hehe

Yeahh..I know..people is talking about Windows Vista right now...Vista..Vista..and Vista..Well, there is no more Windows XP in 2008 and Microsoft will stop selling them to PC. Ok, stop talking about that. Now, I'll show you how to transform your XP into a Vista look-alike.

1. Get the tools

- Vista Transformation Pack Final
- Top Desk for Flip 3-D
- Boot Skin to change Windows boot screen (optional)

2. Installation

Ok, install all of the options offered in the Vista Transformation Pack. And one more thing, you may skip the Vista boot screen because it looks to say..not really cool. You can use Boot Skin program to apply for your almost stylish looking Vista screens are found on Devianart.

3. Customization

- After step 2, you'll need to enable a few things to get the Vista explorer bar (as shown above). First, open up my computer, and click on the 'view' menu. Under View > Toolbars uncheck all the view options, but enable 'styler toolbar'.

- To get rid of the file menu bar, go to your the task tray and right click on the icon for "styler". Choose the toolbar tab, and check 'hide menubar explorer'.

- Also while in the options for 'styler' choose the desktop tab. Here you'll want to enable drop shadow (use default). This gives the windows a nice shadow as found in Vista. Feel free to enable other options which pertain to your particular taste.

- Right-click on your desktop and choose properties and select the 'appearance' tab and then select 'effects'. Make sure that 'cleartype' is enabled, as well as the 'use large icons' box. This will give you the large icon set now used in Vista.

- Complete your new makeover with a complimenting Vista Firefox theme

- I assume that you already watch the video, then you've seen Flip 3D in action. If you want it, simply download Top Desk.

I think that's all right now. By installing this software, it might be slow down your system. But, it's worth enough to get a Vista look-alike. So, what do you think?

Credits: Vistaonmac


Syaf The Geek said...

I'm not going to change into Vista yet coz my machine still not good enough for it. Plus Vista still got some issues and I'm still getting some issues with XP too :)

dX-Xel said...

I agree with you..seems that Vista is not really compatible with a lot of PC games...:(

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