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Monday, June 4, 2007

Firefox - my keyboard shortcuts collection

There are a lot of internet users is talking about Firefox. After Firefox 2.0, Mozilla will be releasing the newest and coolest version of Firefox 3.0. Ok, lets focus on my topic today, my Firefox's keyboard shortcuts collection.

I don't like to talk so much, check this out:-

1. Ctrl + T (Open new tab)

2. Ctrl + N (Open new window)

3. Ctrl + W (Close tab)

4. Ctrl + 1 to 9 (Select tab 1 to 9)

5. Ctrl + Shift + T (Reopen closed tab)

6. Ctrl + Tab (Next tab)

7. Ctrl + Shift + Tab (Previous tab)

8. Ctrl + F (Find text)

9. Ctrl + Enter (Complete .com)

10. Shift + Enter (Complete .net)

11. Ctrl + Shift + Enter (Complete .org)

12. Ctrl + + (Increase text size)

13. Ctrl + - (Decrease text size)

14. Ctrl + 0 (Restore text size)

15. Ctrl + H (History)

16. Alt + <- (Go back one page)

17. Alt + -> (Go forward one page)

18. F5 (Reload)

19. F6 (Select location/address bar)

How about yours? If you have any cool shortcuts to share, feel free to drop a comments.

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hackingtom said...

Cntrl + F5 for server Reload. Thats great. But this shortcut is available at in ie also. Your Cntrl + Shift + Tab was so great. Thanks for that...

dx-xel said... would be something new to me...Ctrl + there any different between F5 and Ctrl + F5? Anybody?

Thangaraj said...

Ctrl + F5 forces a server refresh.
ie. all the page elements are requested from the server again.

F5 might reload from browser cache if the browser thinks it has a recent enough copy.

btw, as long as we are talking about shortcuts, Opera is the king :)
For eg, if you enable single key shortcuts in Opera, '1' goes to the next tab, '2' to the previous tab. I use that one so often.

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