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Saturday, May 10, 2008’s new design

Fuhh…after struggling for over 1 month, so here it is, my new blog design. I called it Xel-white because it has a lot of white spaces. :) It’s maybe not my best design but I think that this layout is much better than the previous one (flat banner/logo, unattractive layout etc). Just my sense.

By the way, this time I’ve designed my new blog’s logo and added some illustration on the footer using the trendy circles element. I also have created my own web icons. Previously, I’ve used the FamFamFam Silk Icons.
Thus, there are really not many changes in the layout interface. I still prefer to use the 3 columns layout and the menu structure is remaining the same.

At first, I’d like to make a full illustration image for my blog banner. But, after thinking for a while that this blog is not fully a design blog, so I decided to make just a simple and plain banner as well. Maybe I need to create another blog and focus on design only. Hehe..

Other than that, I’ve also updated my archives, resources, about and contact page. I’ve to admit that I’m not really good when it comes to CSS. But so far, this layout is compatible with Firefox 2.0+, IE6 and Safari browser.

Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this new layout and some feedbacks are much appreciated.

That’s all. Yeahhh!!!

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