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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vector Illustration - Glory days

[ Download | 1024x768 ]

Hmm..this is the very first time I designing something like this. I know its not looking very good though. I visited a lot of design blog/website everyday and see their artworks including these funky design. I told to myself -> Ohh..that was really easy.

But when I'm trying to design it by myself, my head start spinning in the air. Yes, it quite hard if you're a newbie like me. You've to consider a lot of things - elements to use, colors, shapes, placement, typography, theme and so on..

So in this illustration, I've use the sunburst shape as the background and the purplish colors as well. Maybe in the next tutorial section I will tell you how do I created the sunburst effect. So don't forget to get a free updates via my blog feed or email. Hehe..

Vector illustration details:-

Name: Glory Days
Type: Vector Illustration
File Format: JPEG
Dimensions: 1024 x 768
Theme: Funky
File size: 707 KB
Date created: March 29, 08
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS
Color: Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Background Color:
  • HEX: #330033
  • RGB: 51, 0, 51
Extract the file using WinZip.

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