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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Windows XP - How to delete run command URLs?

Ok, this tip is useful whenever you’d like to delete the existing URLs in the run command instead of the cached lists inside it. The URLs was listed automatically once you surf the Internet.

To know whether your run command has existing URLs, simply open your Run window (Windows+R) and type something like http:// inside the text area. You’ll see a drop down list that shows the website URLs you’ve visited recently.

Anyhow, follow these instructions to get rid of them:-

Clear IE History

To do this, open your IE browser, go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab. Click the Delete button in the Browsing history (IE7). For IE 6 and below, click the Clear History button in History.

Clear all records, recently accessed documents

Right click the Start button > Properties > Select Classic Start menu > Customize… > Click the Clear button > Click OK > Select Start menu > Click Apply > Click OK. Done.

Note: For Classic start menu, right click the Start button > Customize… > Click the Clear button.

Now, go back to your run command window and type http://. Your run command URLs should be gone right now.

Oh ya! You might be interested to check out the XP run command lists. That’s all, yeahh!!!

Credits: Tech Archive

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