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Thursday, May 31, 2007

FeedBurner – Manage you blog, website feeds part 2

As promised before, I’ll show you step by step on how to setup our blog's feed in FeedBurner.

1) Register your new account at FeedBurner

2) Copy your blog's feed URL (if you’re using blogger, the default feed is and paste into feed textbox.

3) Click next and then setting your own feed name and activate it.

4) Then, click to Skip directly to feed management.

5) Ok, next, go to Publicize tab and activate the PingShot service. You can check all the checkbox if you want.

6) If you want to show how many your blog's readers, activate the FeedCount and copy/paste the code to your blog's template (commonly on sidebar). *

7) Don’t forget to turn on the Email Subscriptions service to notify your readers any update via emails. Again, copy/paste the code to your template. *

8) Go to Chicklet Chooser page and get the code for your own RSS subscription page. I recommend selecting the orange icon (standard) and when readers click through it they will see all other option on your own RSS feed page. Just copy/paste the code and place it into your blog’s sidebar template. *

9) Final step. Go into your blog’s template and under the <head> tag, add this code (change the code based on your own feed. This code is working on new blogger.):-

<link href='' rel='alternate' title='dX-Xel'
<link href='' rel='alternate' title='dX-Xel'

This code is to make sure your pings will be more successful and subscribers who use auto detect systems to subscribe will get the right feed.

There are a lot of features in FeedBurner that you can use. If you have any experience using FeedBurner or other feed’s service, feel free to drop a comment. Until then, enjoy!!!!

* I recommend you to use HTML/JavaScript Widget (Page Element) that included in Blogger.

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